Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NBC's The Voice already #3 in ratings!

i can't get enough of this show. 
finally, singing auditions we can all stomach while eating.

i love the concept of this show, and since the first artist that opened his mouth, it was clear that the caliber of talent here is miles ahead of american idol. and unlike american idol, it is purposely geared toward slightly more seasoned vocalists. many of them have been trying to get into the business and for whatever reasons, haven't been able to. 

sure, somehow the 16 year old with a young and very mild voice made it through, but she will get some good coaching out of it.

this girl {above} dia frampton, is why i love this show. looking at her, you would never know what comes out of her mouth. sure, she is pretty, has quirky style, and could be an artist, but she isn't a "show girl" in any way. in fact, she reminds me a lot of a young meiko. a fun, raspy, very marketable sound, regardless of how she sells it.

when she walked off the stage, she was quiet and reserved. it made me think of how she might have been received on the stage at american idol. i wonder if miss dia would eventually get told she doesn't "perform" well, or she doesn't "sell it" and then fall to the demise of voters and lose her shot... who knows.

the voice obviously gives a voice to the voiceless, and that is something we love to see. i have a few faves already and i can't wait to watch the coaches do their thing.  another brilliant aspect of this premise is that the young artists get some coaching from a huge star and i hope it is the vocal coaching they need to give them an edge.

ps, if you aren't watching, you should be. apparently the rest of america is.


  1. Yes!
    I, sadly, don't get television, or cable, or anything, so I have to wait 'til it comes up online. I just finished the second episode, and MAN! I am loving it! You're right, the talent is amazing, and one thing I'm looking forward to also, is that by working with the stars these artists will not only get vocal training, but PERFORMANCE training. I'm talking things like STAGE PRESENCE and CONFIDENCE. You know? I learned so much of that from my choir director in HS. I know from experience that it gives the voice a boost when you feel comfortable and confident. I'm excited to see how it goes!

  2. I used to watch Dia perform in St George all the time with her sister, Meg. (the opened at a LOT of concerts I went to) They are some talented girls!! Even have CDs out.
    I'm totally loving this show too! Has me grinning from ear to ear for 2 hours straight!