Thursday, May 5, 2011

biggest loser fairytale - curtesy of tim gunn

makeover week.

if you are a true BL fan, you know it is the best episode of reality tv.
save maybe the finale of the bachelor.

there is nothing like watching a huge transformation of these biggest losers. they start out fat, unhealthy, unhappy, and after hours and hours of work in the gym and learning to eat like skinny people, they finally get to look and feel like them.

the skinny on the skinny:

blonde. maybe not a good idea for hannah {or maybe it is just the style and/or bangs that are too much}, and the dress was only good waist-down, but she looked incredible none-the-less. i love these sisters. they crack me up and they are looking so amazing! its hard to believe they can even lose more weight! it was so fun to watch hannah's reunion with her dad. the father-daughter moment was priceless. she obviously felt like a million bucks. which, in my opinion, is even more important than the makeover.

olivia was spot on and definitely our favorite of the night- great hair, great dress, and a reunion with her newly tightened up husband? yes please. i wanted that moment in liquid form- it was blissful. i love this gown on her, and i loved her hair even more later when she re-did it herself. so cute.

irene was a great transformation.
her j-lo hair and great dress upped her girlyness that she needed to go with her new body.

we loved the dress too- the wrap waist was really pretty perf on her.

and i am so excited that irene won a car, but i will admit i was a little sad she decided to give it to her mom. this girl has flown under the radar the entire season. in fact, we joke every time she is on, "who is that? what is her name again?" she has just been steadily losing weight and been on top every week, she deserved a break! but ok ok, i get the giving...

austin good have gone with a little less hair for me, and jay looked pretty great. its amazing what a shave and some hair color can do for a guy... both of these were fun reunions with family too. i have to admit, this is the best part for me. i can imagine finally seeing family after something like this. big stuff.

and what was tim gunn's big surprise at the end of the show: no one went home!!
thanks, rulon. {well, they had to stay on schedule, right?}


  1. Yeah I'll agree the blond for Hannah was not my favorite or the bangs! But it was a fun episode to watch, make over week always is!

  2. Makeover week is hands down my favorite episode! At the beginning of every season I love to pick who I want to be left for Makeover week... purple and orange were both on my list and BL didn't disappoint! I bawled like a baby when Hannah was reunited with her dad and Olivia and her husband was enough to not cry for a month.... I'm pulling for either one to win, I don't know if they have enough weight to lose to do that but one can hope right?

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