Wednesday, May 4, 2011

easy peasy glazed ham for two...

we had our easter meal later since we were dinner guests on easter, 
but last week, we had our own special meal and it was surprisingly way easy!

we made this yummy glazed ham and had grilled asparagus too. yumtown.

1-ish cup - light corn syrup
1/2-ish cup - light brown sugar
1tsp - ground mustard (some used prepared mustard, but we wanted the burnt flava flave.
1/2 tsp - ground ginger (though the real stuff would have worked great!)
a few shakes - ground cloves (to give it that nice christmasy feel)

i don't really measure, so this is just a guess.

we used a small, pre-cooked but uncut ham that we found for pretty cheap. i remade the glaze a few times and added the ham juice...

it was naughty.

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