Friday, May 6, 2011

90 day goal challenge anyone?

i am having some style dilemmas in my life right now.

they begin with 20ish little enemy pounds that
{hopefully} decide to leave my life for good very soon.

the prob: i have a closet full of clothes that just aren't me. thus, my stack of "you probably shouldn't wear that unless you are really pregnant" clothes and my stack of "ew you haven't worn any of those clothes in years and they are either obviously faded, torn, discolored, or just not cute".  for some- they might not ever have been...

i spend my days wishful shopping on pinterest, dreaming of the clothes i would buy if i came into lots of money. or that i was on what not to wear and had $5000 to spend on recreating my wardrobe so every piece was cute, durable, and felt like me. oh- and fit!!

cc and i started p90x a few days ago, and yes yes, i know, "if i had a dollar for everyone who told me they started p90x..." but i have never been more determined to do anything.

in less than 90 days i will have lost weight, and i will have done a little shopping {even though i have no money}, and plenty more purging {of clothes}. i will keep you posted on my health and style progress... if there is any.

i figure i would rather have 10 things that i love and feel great in {that will last} than the 100 things in my closet that make me want to eat salad for the rest of my life. depressing.

for now, i will be dream shopping and 
praying that i am in some distant relative's will...

so, today {on my birthday} i challenge you...
what are you going to do in 90 days??


  1. I have followed your whole pregnancy when my aunt showed me your blog. (somehow she knows you, Shelli Delmoe). Well, you are just adorable and I am looking forward to all the sweetness you are experiencing now...and all I have left are 7 short weeks (ouch).
    Now I look forward to your 90 day challenge! My husband and I did it for about 2 weeks and then we got too sick to do any more and fell off the wagon. But when we did it we were amazed with our bodies. I will be joining your 90 day challenge at the end of next month! Good luck!!!
    p.s. that outfit is adorable!!!

  2. For the record I always thought you looked cute : ) and I completely agree with your philosophy of having 10 things you love and feel good in. I really need that outfit for post-baby too. Scott is on day 10 of 90 for P90x. I was the biggest skeptic of all but I'm really proud of him for sticking with it. Good luck!

  3. Um...I'll take those cute clothes off your hands...cuz I think you are lying about them not being cute. Sad you are far away for me to do that. Good luck with that P90X thingy. I happily watched as my family did it one day. I definitely need a exercise goal myself but it's about to be in the 100s here so ...ya, I see chubbiness in my future. Maybe my goal will be to eat healthier...but then I see that Tiramisu in the fridge. I'm doomed.
    I'm sure that baby weight is going to be off (if it isn't already) in NO TIME!

  4. ps- I want that cute dress too, but sadly, for me, it looks like you have to have that body to go with it.