Tuesday, December 14, 2010

they're baaaaack....

as if we needed more tv to watch right now,

these two both showed up on our dvr list in the monday night line-up!

we love leverage and closer.

leverage is like watching a heist film {ocean's 11 or italian job} over and over...
which is exactly what i did with those movies... 
so much fun.

closer is kyra sedgwick all the way.
can't miss it.

and there is only 2 more episodes of the speedy show
sing off!  
set your dvr so you can watch it after you shop... 
the next 2 are going to be amazing.

and of course tonight is the 
biggest loser finale!!!
{where hopefully ada takes all!}

if you don't watch it, you can bet i will recap it for you... 
but i will give away the goods..

so watch it!

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