Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the real thing baby...

if you missed the first episode of the sing off, shame on you.

here. you can watch the whole thing...

i was a bit surprised at one of the two that were sent home, but our favorite is committed
they are like straight no chaser meets take six... tasty.  6 southern boys committed to God and music. can that be bad? no, it isn't.

i also love backbeats {i know, most of these groups have lame names...} the girl percussionist was in my major at byu and was on last season... go courtney! (short haired one)

and on the rocks that performed "bad romance" by sista gaga... it was hilarious...

you better get on the tivo right now cause the next episode is tomorrow night!  it is mondays/wednesdays and will not be on the air for long... get on that.

{the other fun part of this one is the judges: ben folds and shawn stockman (from boyz to men)- real musicians with real critiques of the music!  of course, there is a no name chick that makes the cute fluffy comments, but otherwise, the judges are the real deal!!!}

and while you are there, ya know, setting your tivo... if you forget to watch tonight's biggest loser you will not like life.  we are down to the last 4 peeps, and we all hope ada wins the thing and mark takes the at home... cause they are my favs...

and for those who have been following, are you or are you not excited that game player face brendon was red lined last week?  uh yeah- high fivin a million angels!

next tuesday is the big finale!!

{side note: cc and i realized last night as we were watchin our shows and loving our relaxin time, that this phase of life is coming to an end... i guess the good news is that there isn't usually good shows on in march... thank heaven for tivo!}


  1. Yeah I really hope Ada wins and I was so bummed when Mark went home because he was not playing the game!

  2. i'm so excited about sing off. i haven't watched it yet, and i am prohibited from watching it [says myron]...but i'm still gonna. haha.

    i want ada to win so badly. but i'd be happy with anyone. elizabeth is my least fave, but let's get real: they all deserve it.

  3. Commited was one of our faves from last night too! We also like the Wiffenpoofs :)... Excited for the show especially that it's two times a week!
    And you'll be especially thankful for Tivo in March, if you have a baby who is up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night... when usually nothing good is on, you'll have some shows... just a thought ;)