Wednesday, December 15, 2010

biggest loser finale!! {spoiler alert}

{i know that these updates are more for my need to vent 
than your enjoyment, but nevertheless...}

first things first,

ada vs. elizabeth
{america voted}

the two girls come out and ada looks smokin hot!
elizabeth, surprisingly looks fantastic too...

an no duh, the "overwhelming winner" is ada.
{good cause elizabeth had no business in the final 4}

and everyone keeps talking about her fantastic 
family reconciliation...
and i can't help but think of how crappy they must feel to be there in the audience 
and listen to this...

the first four of the at home challengers show up, 
but the only one worth looking at is adam.
and boy is he!  
{he is the one who lost his mother to obesity}

elizabeth actually lost 70 lbs.

adam {was 400 lbs} weighs in at 220! 
{45% of himself!} 
can't wait to see mark next to this guy...

the next few at-homers come out...
lisa, who looks a-freakin-mazing,

prince, i mean sophia. ew.
what a nasty dress/hair, hon.
and brendan. who thinks he rocks!!

 "and adam, 
you look unbelievable man!"

lisa is the only one worth watching weigh-in...
but she doesn't beat adam...

"the hair cut, 
and dying the hair did wonders for her!"

then the next few come out:

anna, who no one remembers...
{could be the awful pink fabric strapped on her body...}
jesse, looking fabulous in a vest,
and apparently that one chick from hocus pocus,
or burgandy
seriously, who knows what happened there...

jesse is the clear fav of this bunch,
seeing as the two chicks here didn't lose all that much...

anna lost 109!  next to her old picture, she killed it...

"i told ya i was gonna look sexy!"

jesse needed to lose more than 166 
and you guessed it he lost 166!

then we meet:

rick, the hobbit in a tux
{hasn't worn one since his wedding day 32 yrs a go...}
aaron, the biggest man in the house, one of our favs,
he looks like he could have done it!
and jessica
she is as hot as we thought she would be...

rick had to lose 158 and he lost 165 lbs!!  
47% of his body weight!!
{new at-home winner...for now}

jessica dropped 92 lbs...

and aaron dropped 172...

and then they bring out the one...
i hope he did it!!
 he is such a good-looking guy
he had to lose 198 lbs...
and he loses 213!!  
over 50% of himself!!!

yay for mark for winning the at-home and $100,000!!!

then the final three:

frado and patrick look pretty good
and we find out that patrick got himself a job!
and standing next to ada it looks like this is anyone's game...

frado lost 44%... 
which means mark would have housed him...

ada the terminater 
needed to lose 113 and she lost 99.
dang it!!

patrick is the last one... 
this is the guy to win it if one of the boys has to...
i just love his story... and though he played the game, 
he had every good reason to...

he had to lose 170 something and dropped 181!!
the unemployed dad of two kids, 
now in debt to everyone in his family,
just won the freakin biggest loser! 

i have to say, i am pretty proud of the guy.

good news is:
biggest loser 11 {another family edition!}
starts jan 4th, and features 2 new trainers 
{in addition to bob and jillian!}

looks like one of the best seasons yet... 

can't wait to get watching...


  1. wasn't it amazing? i'm so happy patrick won....he needed the money & looks fantastic.

    lol hobbit in a tux.
    and, sophia, um, worried me also.

  2. Yeah, those last 4 pictured here looked amazing. (Mark! Holy cow!) I love seeing how proud they are of themselves at the end, and watching their transformations as they finally beat this thing that has always beaten them. They all embody this kind of "the world is mine to conquer" attitude and it's so exhilarating to watch!

  3. That's amazing. They look great!

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