Monday, December 6, 2010

baby books i am glad i read...

my husband thinks i am funny cause i literally am crazy right now with the 
influx of baby/birth info at our house...

i will sit and read and read and eventually stop only to babble off some soap box something that i have been reading to which he usually does a great job at feigning interest...
{i guess he often is, when i bring up the studies, risks, 
and the price differences of some of these things...}

the books i finished today were these:

both are books i will lend out forever, i can already tell..
heck- these would make priceless gifts.

thank you a million times to the fellow blogger that referred me to 
ina may's guide to childbirth.

as far as "what you need to know before you labor and deliver"
this has been the most empowering, comforting, reassuring book i could have read.

if you would have asked me a year ago,
i would have told you i was terrified of the whole process:
afraid of the pain, of complications, of delivery...
and that was when i would never have dreamed of going au natural.

{i also realized that most of the "stories" i heard were from women that were induced, or had the aid of various techno-birthing stimulants or tools... none had really had the natural experience, and therefore couldn't accurately vouch for a positive experience}

turns out, birth isn't a disease, and only 10% of women that deliver, actually need some form of aid in birth, unfortunately, that isn't the case.  too many women are just letting doctors make decisions because, "they know best..."

turns out, it is very expensive to have all the extra interventions too 
{IV= $150, epidural= $800-$1500...etc...}

turns out, birth can be incredibly satisfying and empowering...

i am a firm believer in the god-given power to birth 
and have full confidence now in what my body can do.  
the more i read, the more i am convinced that childbirth and motherhood is one of the greatest mysteries and blessings God gives to women. 
now that i have 12 weeks to go i say,
"bring it on!"

as i have been reading about birth and delivery, 
i have picked up a handful of gems on what to do after...

namely, babywise, which has helped me feel confident about babies and sleep.
sure, i think there are a lot of factors that play into how early a baby will sleep through the night, but i am a firm believer in the studies circulating babywisers... another book that i will keep as a manual up until i am sure i will purchase the toddler version... 

let the great experiment begin!


  1. I miss you, and I haven't even seen you since like, junior high or something. I am so excited for your birth! I'm totally on the same wavelength as far as the power our bodies have to do what needs doing. I give you total kudos for choosing to go with a midwife instead of a doctor. I had a doctor, and she ended up being out of town when I went into labor, so I got the "on call" doctor who I'd never met. Long story short, he wouldn't admit me to the hospital because my dilation hadn't increased at all while I was in Triage (aka, the least comfortable place in the entire hospital)and he basically said, either I'm getting you an epidural, or you're going back home. /under the circumstances, (me having not slept for 24+ hours) I chose the epidural. Had I been more coherent, I probably would've told him off for trying to ruin my plan, but I am glad I got rest and was awake and alert for the birth of my son. Wow, long comment, but I guess I just wanted to say I hope everything goes the way you want it to, and that you'll have the strength to get through it all. Love you and good luck!

  2. P.S. I also recommend looking into vaccinations. Most hospitals give the Hepatitis B shot right when baby is born, unless you tell them not to. This is a great book for it "What your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations". There are a lot that I feel are completely unnecessary, and others I'd like to get, but at times other than the ones they say to, etc. I only wish I'd looked into it before the birth. Just a thought :-)

  3. Look at you, gettin' all the info and figuring out exactly what you want!! I'm proud of ya, girl! You will ROCK!

  4. I had recommended Ina May's book on your other blog. My husband and I just began attending our hospital's childbirth classes. The teacher was a nurse for years and seems to encourage going natural. HOWEVER, since she also must address the women in the class that are planning on epidurals (the majority), there is a lot of talk about that and all the fear and anxiety everyone seems to have. I would quit the class because of all the negativity towards the experience of labor, but there is definitely some info I feel I need before the big day. I'm reading the book for a third time now to get my perspective back where it needs to be (and taking notes to bring with me when it happens). Keep up the positive attitude, and if you get discouraged I would def recommend getting the book out again and again!

  5. Babywise literally SAVED me! I'm so glad you read it and liked it! I was just emailing a friend about it the other day.

    And Bennett was born au natural. The recovery was so much better than with Thacks and the epidural! Going sans epidural is really not so bad, so more power to you! (P.S. Have you heard of the Bradley Method?)