Monday, November 8, 2010

donate 2010; we need a christmas miracle!!

most of you know i have this crazy talented brother.

he writes music.

if you live in LA or Mesa, AZ, you may have seen this concert:

we are trying to see how much we can raise in the remaining 27 days to help the fund so the show in Mesa this year can be offered at no charge and so that he can continue to produce this wonderful music and eventually offer CDs and good stuff...
what we need is...  a christmas miracle
{aka:  "the perfect cheer!"}

In case you can't pick it up from this video,
the music covers the story of the birth of the Savior.
it is a non-denominational, theatrical view into the characters of the nativity that we all know.

the music is brilliant, the performance is always stunning.
and of course, i am always left bragging.

check out his website @
for performance info and more videos...

click on the blue link to donate

{then spread the word to anyone you think might help!! }

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