Wednesday, November 10, 2010

biggest loser 11.9.2010 - just make her go home already!!


this week on BL, we were back into teams of 2.
which is fine and all except for that there has been kind of a divide.

if any of the girls were paired together, they didn't have a prayer.

lisa {notorious for saying she wants to go home half the time}
and elizabeth {the asthmatic one that lets everyone do all of the work for her}
were paired together.

great. maybe they will get to go home this time.

also impressive, 

jessica {one of my favs, but not known for losing big}
was put with ada 
{the asain that has been kicking serious trash on the scale since day one.}

the men were all paired up of course, and it was anybody's game from their standpoint...

the jerks all got what they wanted, in other words...

the challenges were semi-ridiculous this time, 
but allowed my favorite pair {jessica/ada} to win slow and steady... 
they had to build a tower of sugar cubes.
it was funny to watch as all of the arrogant men tried to ignore their partner and work too fast.
the women smoked em, and won themselves fabulous vacations that they both deserve.

the weigh-in was turbo intense and turned into an all-out brawl.
drama drama drama.
the big issues were with lisa whining to go home, 
and of course the fact that she has been babying elizabeth {making her food for her...etc.}
 ridiculous, really.

oh, and don't forget that lisa, for NO REASON, ate a 1400 calorie dessert at the temptation... she wasn't playing the game at all... what an idiot.

lisa even said, "i tried to get them to let me go home, but they won't!  I'm a placeholder in their little game." and she even mentioned brendan and frado. the game-players...

happyness = jessica finally losing 12 lbs and proving she can.
atta girl.

the big sadness in this one is this:
aaron, the biggest guy, and my favorite guy,
only lost 4 lbs this week. {last week he had a HUGE number}
and he was with jesse {another fav of mine}

in the potential drop-off zone with them was elizabeth and lisa.
i thought for sure they would get it right this time...

but no!  those jerks did exactly what lisa said they would.
they voted off their "good friends" for the sake of the game.

and here we are, stuck with elizabeth, and apparently lisa, for one more week.

the good news is.
both of the men look ridiculously happy and significantly lighter.

i couldn't be more proud.

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  1. i've missed the past two weeks, so i'm loving your recaps.

    tear for the boys. i'm sad about that.