Friday, November 5, 2010

my new favorite way to scrapbook: 5 reasons to blurg

so, i know many of you are already doing this,
and i could be way late to the game...

but because not all of us can be angie when it comes to 
perfectly clever pages and paper,

i did some research and decided on this site for my blog book:

5 reasons why i love this so much more than scrapbooking:
1- i heart journal-ing.  
i love to write down memories- and all the silly stuff. 
and how great to have the full meal deal in one place. 
i found that i blogged things i wouldn't scrapbook or even write in a journal,
but i will love going back to remember.

2- just so easy.
my g-ma that works on her family history every year might shudder when she finds out how easy this is. granted, i am a techno-nerd, so i did take a week or so carefully editing each page and creating new templates so it looked just like i wanted. 
but you certainly don't have to!  
you can just let it slurp your posts into a book and go for it. 
knock yourself out.
1 week = 1 year of scrapbook. done.

3- it looks so pretty!  
the pictures print at great quality and make my fotos look fantastic.  
when cc looked at it, 
he said, "this is great, cause when do you ever print photos anymore?" 
never. digital times = never print fotos. and that's sad.
unless we are going to scrapbook class, then we do.

4- so much cheaper
[than scrapbooking]
i was one with a paper/scrapbooking habit. much like my mother with fabric.
i would go nuts in that store like my life depended on it, only to keep it in a box for years until i had more than 20 minutes to stare at a page and realize i wasn't as creative as i hoped.
a wrapped book like this, for 1 whole year of posts was $50!  
(i even got online and found a coupon code 
so they dropped tax and shipping...etc. awesome.)

they will even keep your hyperlinks as footnotes if you want...

5- ok- i didn't really have five.
i just keep looking through this book and re-living it.
which is way more fun to do than reading a journal or a blog. it feels like my history.
and now i have it somewhere it can keep forever.

do it. now.


  1. This is awesome! I'm downloading it right now!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love it.
    You have THEE BEST ideas everrr!

  3. So cool. I want to do this also. I just don't have so much written that it is worth it. I am very impressed with this book! You rock!

  4. don't tell anyone i work for that i said this, but i think this is WAY better than scrapbooking. haha.

    i want to do this on blurb. does it really not take that much time? i need to hurry and do it before al-qaeda figures out how to crash the internet & angieinpink is no longer. :)

  5. ps: your pictures are so awesome. what a treasure.

  6. Yea! Glad it worked out! Looks great!