Thursday, October 21, 2010

i heart documentaries

we've been on a bit of a documentary kick lately,
and if you have netflix- these are easy to get...

note on documentaries- they are fun, and informative,
but not all of them are action-packed.
some move kinda slow and you have to be ok with that.

also, docs are not rated. 
so yeah, the baby ones are going to show things...
 you've been warned.

heart of the game

possibly my favorite
this one follows a high school basketball coach and his career over 7 years
it captures the heart and spirit that i can almost remember about high school.
toward the end, it gets pretty involved and it is hard to believe that its real.
you can't write this stuff.


yes, this is exactly what it looks like.
 yes, it involves lots of crazies that believe they are the real thing...
yes, it has moments of sheer hilarity.
 otherwise, it is a fascinating commentary 
on what media has done to the world as we know it!

king of kong

 after losing his job,
this guy decides- "what else is there to do?"
and goes after the world record
of the old school donkey kong game.
 also full of crazies,
and way entertaining.
it's crazy how intense it can be watching some dude shred a game of kong.
but it is.


we love to watch babies everywhere we go these days...
but it is fun to watch these 4 from completely different cultures
 without words
and get an idea of what life is like on the other side.
 there are some boobs in this one, 
but they are all mom boobs so it isn't at all offensive.
this movie makes me giggle
and it makes me so grateful to live in a place 
with all of the technology and support that we have to raise a child.


admit it, 
you have totally stumbled across the spelling bee on espn at some point in life 
and found yourself watching for hours.

these kids are the classic bunch- 
some are complete nerds, obsessed with winning,
 some are forced by psychotic parents to study fort nightly,
and all of them have a unique story.
entertaining and intriguing for sure.

super size me

i know this is one of those you may have already seen,
if you haven't, you have at least heard about it.

if there was any piece of media your mom could make you watch to put down
all that fatty crap you are eating and stop going to mcdonalds,
this would be it.

it is brutally disgusting,
horrifyingly informative,
and pretty funny...

it would probably have changed my mind about fast food altogether
if i hadn't jumped right into,
"i have to have curly fries and cheap burritos" 
mode so soon after...

my date with drew

this wasn't as entertaining as i wanted,
 but it is fun to see an average joe with a life crush
using the 6 degrees of separation to his advantage.
because he had a very low budget it reads very real and 
he is an easy guy to root for.

business of being born

if you had any questions about midwives vs. hospital birth-
get this and watch it now.
this made me even more confident to go natural with a midwife.
this one talks more about the home-births specifically,
but definitely outlines why midwives are so great.

bottom line: midwives are trained to deliver and handle all aspects of the birth of a child.
obstetricians are surgeons.
and hospitals are businesses.
they will explain why the cesarean rate in american hospitals has shot up 
and remained there in the last 20 years...
and it has to do with inducing labor, and doctors making the call.

[warning: if you are not prepared to see a few naked women giving birth, maybe hold off.]

if you know of any other docs that i need in my life, please share!!!


  1. I too love documentaries. One of the old school ones that I enjoyed, but it can be slow, was on Ernest Shacklton, I believe it is "The Endurance". It discusses his journey to reach the south pole and it is really cool!

  2. My new favorite documentary is Helvetica. It's a documentary about a typeface, but it's also really a documentary about our modern visual culture. I've watched it at least 3 times since I discovered it, and I think you'd really like it.