Friday, October 22, 2010

book review - hunger games

i am sorry that it took about a dozen of your recommendations before i read this one...

cause now i have an addiction.

i keep telling chris about it and how he should read it, 
and today as i was in a mini-rave about how fun it is to read it,
he goes, "wow- i don't know that i have heard you rave about a book in a long time."

i believe in good writing so i am usually a harsh critic and most books will entertain me, 
but i will shred to pieces with "crappy writing" or "boring story"
which, in all honestly, i know isn't all that fair...

this chick has a gift i can only compare to jk rowling.
the book has a similar mystical feel to harry potter,
the plot is ridiculous and something that a normal brain 
wouldn't concoct unless by dream,
but it also has a depth.
in fact, i get so caught up in the "what will happen" of it all,
that i completely ignore my usual dissecting of the text itself...
[that's good writing]

this isn't a fantasy story though- it is a war story.
its about real people but in a time that doesn't exist yet.
what makes it mystical is only that it mixes the primitive with the techno-advanced...
they have television and botox
but they also have places that hunt for food and starve 
because of a rising powerful government.

in that way, i can't help but get lost in the story- 
and be intrigued by the political commentary this could be- 
though i don't believe it really is.

of course the movie is in pre-production, and i am excited to see what they will do.
it will be hard, but the goal, the producer says, is to keep it within a PG-13 rating.
it will be hard with all the violence,
but oh will it make a great flick.

which brings me to another point...

i am the 
"read the book before the movie" type
and chris is the
"don't read the book -- it ruins the movie" type...

we will see if i can't get him to read this one first though-
lets face it, i will probably be that annoying mom that makes 
her kids read the whole book before they see the movie version.

maybe it's the english teacher in me...


  1. books are always better than movies.
    hurry and read the other two!

  2. I loved this also, but I listened to it as I worked. My work got done and I couldn't wait to finish it, the book I mean. I down bought it on itunes. yep. I did! Starting Catching Fire today! Uh huh! I love having a book that is captivating. But then again, I love music that is captivating. Like Straight No Chaser - With a Twist. Very fun and also from itunes. So thanks for the insight and the post! Rock on girl!

  3. The Hunger Games books are soooo fascinating!!!! I love her writing style, it keeps you so involved and on the edge of you seat the whole series!!! I can't wait to hear what you think about the other two books :)

  4. I read the whole trilogy in less than a week. I couldn't put them down. Have you read the Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras series by Scott Westerfeld? If you liked Hunger Games, I think you'd really like those.

  5. Have you read the other two books? I definitely had a Hunger Games addiction as well. I think I've read the first one 5 times, if not more. Amen to a good read, with good writing, and characters with depth. I'm sick of the cookie cutter stories, and the horrible writing that has become the norm. It's refreshing, don't you think?

    Are there any other books that you've read of late that you would recommend?