Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BL recap 10.19.2010

what. just. happened?

anna gets a chance back on the ranch.

rad. she rocks.
[even though she is a bit retarded for not giving herself immunity...yowza]

you know who doesn't rock?

 brendan, and frado. 

brendan threw the weigh-in, or just sucked on purpose, 
however you want to look at it.
and frado makes me want to kick him wear counts...

so they could pick up their little boyfriend 

they lose, which means they have to vote one off-
could be anyone, but should be elizabeth if its anyone.

those jerks vote off this guy- one of the favs- completely out of the blue.

rick- i am sad to see you go- you were definitely a fave.
but i know you are going to win it at home.
and ps- i think you look amazing.


  1. rick was my number 1. i cried. literally.

  2. I agree with you! I think they should have voted off elizabeth and I absolutely loved Rick! I'm not a fan of Brendan and Fredo!