Thursday, February 4, 2010

click chick moment: HG


i haven't been the most faithful blogger lately,

this may or may not have to do with my new job,
getting way less sleep,
busy trying to diet (updates soon), and
still be a wife and daughter and stuff...

but in the middle of this dietary mess o fun,
and in lieu of love month,

i wanted to share with you my love of this chick here slash her really fabulous site:
[which i can't really eat much from yet, but oh well...]

click here for the full page of recipes

i have been salivating over everything here and hope to someday own her recipe book of way yummy looking things called 200 under 200.
(calories that is!)

and she posts all kinds of fund finds that you can buy at the store
that are the "healthier" option of food you want to be eating...

like this:

maybe i get her daily email cause that is how excited i am about her...

dear future family,
prepare to be extraordinarily healthy without even knowing it!

1 comment:

  1. Isnt she just awesome?! If you ever get a chance try the kickin chicken tortilla soup it will change your life. Its in the 1st she comes out with her 3rd on march 30th. :) -Brooke