Friday, January 29, 2010

botanical foto lesson

for christmas,
cc gave me some new foto equipment.
namely a tripod and flash and more space...

he also gave me a workshop with the photo editor of
arizona highways magazine!

truth be told,
i am a people person,
and i don't really get into shooting nature usually...
i like my buildings, and fountains, and hydrants...

and the botanical gardens is a hard place to find color,
which is what i am about.
a lot of the others were more successful at seeing beauty in cactus

this is what i came up with:
(take note of the amount of plants vs. structures within the nature)

i kept whining that there was no color, and then these people showed up!
i barely got them until they went to perform somewhere we couldn't get access to

it was the facilitator's favorite one:

thanks, cc.

i love learning more and more about this crazy obsession/hobbie

happy date night,



  1. Love... it! All of it! I think you found lots of color there- way to go!

  2. your fotos are smply superb great, all the best meg you have good future

  3. great photos. i am taking beginning black and white photo next semester and would love some tips and pointers. contact me via my831ethnography.blogspot. have a great day!

  4. love all of your pics, congrats for the great gift and talents. wish you more. join me too.

  5. Absolutely lovely! Talent:)