Monday, February 8, 2010

Geared up (our BL updates)

so, we have been going strong on the diet thing now since
a few weeks before thanksgiving.

i won't lie and say it has been easy.

i will say that a few weeks ago i hit a wall,
i wasn't losing,
and i was a bit depressed about it.

i did another cleanse,
which includes fruits, veggies, and grains (which I had long missed)
and i felt a lot better.

mom and i also realized that the support system makes all the difference

husbands and daughters are great for that.
nay, vital to that.

in fact, this weekend, after my weigh-in,
husband took me to purchase this:

it actually holds up to 12 individualized settings to read your BMI
and tells you the number of calories
you need to comsume to lose fat at your current weight.

and i really needed one of these:
(both scales are the Biggest Loser brand of course)
this little thing is handy, and keeps me honest and much better
at portion controlling.
good new: 6 oz of chicken is a lot more than you might think...

and the long-awaited:

i love them.
them make me want to run all day.
in fact, i think i will take them to my mom's to go walking
before we watch biggest loser tomorrow...

i finally feel like we can post the results of the meg/peg get skinny fest:

drum roll....

peg: 30 lbs down
meg: 14 lbs down

both over 10% body weight!

i will let you in on a secret...

these are my friends:

also love the ranch, asian silk, honey mustard... pretty much all of them...
they go on everything: chicken, salads...

mrs. dash is the best- and look:
two new kinds!!

[gotta ditch the sodium to lose.
it retains water.
that means us soda drinkers really take a hit,
but it's worth it.]

do i eliminate soda?
hail no.

but i am much better at drinking all 64 water o-z's before i do.
and by that time,
i have been to the other side of the building to pee
like 22 times... not worth it.

favorite veggie currently:
just go find it, and love on it.
you will be glad you did.

oh and this place:

though you can't see much muscle on me,
i love that i feel stronger....

it is odd how i am so confident walking at night now...
bring it, bad guys...


  1. Way to go with the diet! 14lbs is a great achievement. And I second the Wish Bone Spritz AND Mrs. Dash seasonings. Delish! As for me, one of my New Year's resolutions was to completely remove soda from my diet (not that I drank a lot before) and drink at least 64 oz of water daily. Yeah, the peeing 50 times a day thing gets old, but helps your system SO much. Keep up the good work!

  2. OHMYGOSH you and your mom are just amazing! I got home from cheer tryouts to find a sweet little package of Oops Burpies for the twins and I LOVE them! Thanks so much guys, you totally made my day! And congrats on the weight loss. I can't wait to join you once I actually give birth:)

  3. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work. You are inspiring!

  4. Good for you Meg! i wish i could get out and to the gym- i have been so demotivated because of our crappy ugly cold weather, but i guess that's why i need to move to AZ! Oh and p.s i'm coming to AZ for the first week of April- we should grab lunch or dinner!