Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BL week 3

i hate when i get so busy that there is nothing between BL posts.
i suck at life in the blogger realm these days.
stop judging me like now.
naturally, on the night before finals/presentations due,
i must self distract in 5.....4.....3.....2.....

here is what i will say [without photos unfortunately]:

we like the gray and the pink for sticking to the plan
and not the game.

we don't like jillian when she tries to dr. phil her way into
someone's fat issues (green), though admittedly, the drama is entertaining.

we like the father/daughter couple (black)
cause they stay out of the way and get crap done.

we don't like the white team when they are lazy and fat
and freakin on biggest loser with bob and jillian!!

we like when bob and jillian blow up at the red team
for throwing the weigh-in for the 2nd time.

we don't like that O'neal the black guy (yellow)
who looks like he could produce rap videos,
is married to a 70s white chick that collects stamps.
[mostly for the awkward factor. not cause i'm racist]

we like that the chia pets (orange) might get a shot at makeovers.
mostly for the hairs' sake. otherwise, they are very cool people.


they are all still losing much better than i am.
barely a pound a week.


  1. Seriously- Jillian bugs the heck out of me when she picks someone every week to be her little psychology project. But yes, pink and gray and black are my faves too. I love you chia pet nickname- ha ha. Funny. Thanks for being a BL fan. I like coming to read your reviews :)

  2. Seriously, Chia Pets need a makeover ASAP.
    SRB agrees.