Thursday, January 14, 2010

what you missed - BL week 2 already!

reader's digest recap of last week:

- they are riding the coattails of our filipe and sione to get here,
but they haven't really watched the show...
they are both rad tongans though- so who really cares.

"we knew coming here would be a business trip!"

-- a father and daughter team. he was just labeled the most unhealthly in the house.
she is a big competitor. the two of them might give the house a run for their money.

-- their names are mag and miggy. that's really all we care to know about them.

-- heaviest guy yet, over 520lbs at the start, but lost 35 in the first week. we obviously like these Italians.
she is his mom and terrified of water /went to the ER during a challenge because she dodged water and landed on concrete with a bleeding nose.
no fear -- jillian changed her entire life with an inspiring, near-professional psychological breakdown.

purple -- unfortunate color for two brunettes as they really just remind us of tracey.
mom went home this week, and is slowly getting rid of her bee sting stomach and diabetes.
the daughter is a cryer but should be a good competitor.

-- another mother/son team. both need a hair makeover and fast,
but they are fun to watch as they get through things together.

red -- the only husband/wife team. they were apparently having issues before they came...
they seem to be doing ok. she's not that big and is already playing games as they had immunity this week. she gained a pound. not sure how i feel about that.

pink -- mother/daughter. they remind me of helen (BL winner) and her daughter. the daughter has all kinds of issues, but she is spunky as typical pink women have a tendency to be.

"everybody thinks i'm like the weakest link cause i couldn't get through day one at the ranch, but i've like come up from behind like a ninja on their As"

brown -- tweedledee and tweedledum. 1 lb difference when they came.
one went home and has already lost 100 lbs, so they are going to
be big losers either way.

our biggest loser recap:
peg: 25lbs down
meg: 12 lbs down

she's halfway to another foto shoot... stay tuned!


  1. even worse I think its Mig and Miggy... (ie:Migdalia) haha

  2. So on the money! I laughed so hard! Totally my thoughts!

  3. Mine too!! Good break down... and Peg, 25 POUNDS??? Rock on sister