Thursday, July 23, 2009

long-winded movie review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

harry potter and the half blood prince

i would like to begin by expressing how much

cc whined to see this flick. this makes me happy. he is, however,
the type that has to see the
movie first, or it would ruin the book. right.
i normally do not agree with this,
but i was glad to have forgotten much of the book until i saw it
because it all comes rushing back
and it's so fun to watch

why this one was my favorite HPs of the 6 so far:

the best edit we've seen of the books.

whoever was the exec editor deserves a standing O.
they finally figured out how to keep the fun details that add to the plot

and lose the ones that don't.
so it moves fast and you can keep up.

and it was, in my opinion, the most true to the book of any...

the acting/directing is so much tighter.

the kids have grown up, sure, but they are better,
and so was the directing.
timing was better, and the flow was more succinct.
the relationships could really pop.

speaks for itself.
much wittier and quicker.
add a few fun actors
and you have a show.

in my humble, yet correct opinion: 5/5
own it or rent it: own it.

(cause it would be stupid to not have 6
when i know you already have the rest!)

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