Friday, July 24, 2009

no good horrible very bad day...

one of my brothers once criticized me for writing only happy things
about my day and life on this here paper airplane to the void of readers.

truth be told,

i may have just had the first worst day in a very long time.

i felt sick to my stomach most of the morning,
two inches tall,
ignorant and insignificant.

we are all human.

left work early,
cause it felt a bit hostile,
ate me some lunch,

and tried to make good of a wasted day.

for date night we had greek food and watched this week's

way to end my day america.

way to go.

she was the one. bar none.

but then, what do i know....

the good news is,
i am still one of the luckiest girls ever.
date night is a cure for a
no good horrible very very bad day...

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