Wednesday, July 22, 2009


thanks for playing- you were oh so close....

all four of these words were part of a little contest:

4 female artists sat arguing over who was the best female artist,
and just before it got out of hand,
they thought of this idea...

they each drew a word out of a hat
and each artist had to write (or get their writers to write)
a song.

the rules:
  • it must be repetitive to near bloody q-tip level,
  • must use the word 90% of the song,
  • the song must convey an obscure message that only the artist can understand...

...and then we will see who really is the best female artist...

so far, this techno one-word song phenomenon still belongs to lady gaga,
the unfortunately named, lyrically challenged one.

if you'll notice, big green tractor is not too far behind though...
must be catching on...

where in the hockey sticks is music going these days!!

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