Wednesday, April 29, 2009

dear future,

i am really excited to meet you and find out more of those exciting things that you have to offer...

i would just like to reiterate that a house... would be nice.

and the next time you send one our way that we like that would be really nice if it could be our house and not get sold right under our nose. the stress is really gettin the man down. which does not make his girl happy.

and future, if you have any pull... can you fix biggest loser so that ron doesn't win.


a little-but-not-too-stressed-out-bride

oh and by the way, thanks for the perfect, patient guy. i am glad you brought him along for the forever ride... the rest of this stuff would really be awful without him.

(side note: i haven't watched last night's yet,
so please don't spoil. its tonight's activity. thanks)

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