Saturday, May 2, 2009

episode 17. (sorry i'm late)

ok. heeerz the dill.

i cried a few for filipe. you know i did. and i am completely frustrated at america right now.

talk about one extremely inspiring guy and one extremely inspiring family. every time i meet more of you i am impressed by your spirit and zeal and love for life. its going to be fun to see what happens to him by the final. and lets be honest, what a freakin good lookin guy, right?!

so obviously i was upset.

but then i thought, if you look on the bright side,
we now know what satan's next of kin is like.

what to avoid: a creepy, hairy, layers of flab mess whose curse is to still look fat and nasty after over 100 lbs because he is manipulative and deceitful and dishonest. i hope he is watching the show with his previous boss who fired him to upon discovering his creepiness...

here are my opinions on the remaining:

tara. she is annoying, melodramatic, but brilliant at losing weight and hasn't lost yet. i don't know whether to hate her for that and secretly hope she loses, or if i would think it was cool that someone took this show by storm and won from the beginning....
i will get back to you.

mikey. i have to admit, this little ball o drama has grown on me. your father may be satan himself. in sheep's clothing. but you are quite the little fighter and its sort of fun to watch. but i don't know that i would be able to truly enjoy your victory because i also don't believe in cheating by handout. its not you its me. but good luck anyway.
(i do get the feeling he might win though,
just in how they edit the show...
but thn they could be crafting a JK Rowling for us, so nevermind...)

helen. i think you get my vote.
something about being a mom with a lifetime to revert and finally taking control of it for her family and owning her new sexiness just makes me smile every time. i think she lost like 30 lbs from her boobs alone. not that that matters, but its a cool thought. i would be happy if she took the phat BL crown because her story is inspiring.
and because i dislike her the least of the 4.

ron, bleach is good for the soul. try it some time.

what do you think? you can vote on my poll to let me know.
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  1. oh my LOL! i love this. and last weeks too. We def see eye2eye on the BL-ness. I used to really not like Helen, but now she totally cracks me up & hello! she looks freaking awesome. i cry every week...i love this show.

    oh! and also: i hope you got my little shower gifty i left on your doorstep yesterday. i went by memory on which house was yours, so i hope one of your neighbors doesn't have it! ha!

  2. You are too funny! I LOve this post!
    As likeable as Mike is on the show...I'm having a harder time wanting the win for Mike not only because of Ron...but because he did his fair share of fatherlike game play that wasnt in front of the camera.
    I think it would be awesome if Helen or Tara won..just cause poopy color team thinks they have it in the bag!

  3. Oh, and I love your music too! I love Joshua Radin, I saw him in concert a couple years ago and he was amazing... and kinda beautiful. :)