Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BL update:

dear ron,

i hate you.

i loath you, in fact.

final 3 predict/hope:

filipe, mike, helen...

GO FILIPE!! i am so glad he's in the final 5. i knew he would...

(i know i know, but i kind of like mike. sue me. realistically though, we know that ron will all creeptastically manipulate it so that he and is son get to the end. again, may i say, "go home, ron." nobody likes you and everybody hates you... worms. eat worms.)


  1. First of all Bret and I hate Ron too. Secondly, I'm jealous that you've met Filipe and third, he better win! I miss Kristin already.

  2. I agree with all that has been said already. Although I do like Tara and her bad ass attitude, there I said it.

  3. Amen. Ron pisses my husband off almost as much as Obama.

  4. I HATE THAT MAN!!!!!! Okay maybe hate is a strong word, but he's just so darn smug it drives me nuts.

  5. I am with you too---don't like Ron AT ALL, but kind of like Mike. Maybe it was when he gave that mom of 5 his groceries for a year? I don't know, but he seems kind of nice. Can't wait for your update on this weeks show! Ü

  6. Hey Meg, this is Meghan (Julander). I found your link on Hillary's blog. I so totally agree with you!! I hate Ron!! He should have gone home like 10 weeks ago, but the other competitors are stupid!!