Thursday, April 16, 2009

maddi moment

[catatonically staring at the computer screen]
maddi: [post show hair and make-up] hey, how was your day?
me: [no response]
maddi: oh, well i think mine was a little bit more exciting than that, but i guess it's kind of rude to compare...

me: ...what now?

side note: she was amazing... completely foxy.
long story short: seussical the musical, i want to direct you immediately.


  1. "so pretty much my day was a little bit better than uh yea...its a little bit countdown is the same as yours just minus two days...yea's going by faster than" Honestly though-It's about time for some free time so we can play before things change and get crazy! Love you sister!

  2. How much do I love that Maddi? So much.