Saturday, February 7, 2009

book club - thousand splendid suns

thousand splendid suns
khaled hosseini
(four stars)

i can't tell yet if i loved this one more or less than his first book, but i will say it is equally as captivating. my brother says he thinks he liked kite runner more because it is a man's perspective. this one is definitely through female eyes. so brilliantly written.

again, i reiterate, that if this book were to become a movie (inevitable) it would have a similar cultural feel to it as slumdog (that movie that is brilliant that you need to see before it wins best picture this year).

ultra depressing, very close to the female experience of the lifestyle/wartime Afghanistan. it makes me think of the end of a jason mraz song, "its like an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea." it is so beautifully personal that you wont be able to avoid the investment.

worth a read. but also read kite runner.

i will admit that i love being able to choose the books i read instead of being forced to read large crappy textbooks. happy thoughts.

if you read it, do tell!


  1. Isn't it emotionally exhausting?? It really is beautifully written, but man it was a roller coaster of emotions.

  2. I liked this one quite a bit more than the Kite Runner. I think probably because it was from the girls' side of things, but also, I thought that the relationship was absolutely lovely, and in Kite Runner, I had a hard time agreeing with the main character's decision midway through the book, and unfortunately that decision altered the course of his life...and the book. This one however, I LOVED.

    Hmm, is that the kid of telling you wanted? Sorry for being wordy.