Sunday, February 8, 2009

new calling in life:


today as i was getting to know my new crew, amid the crazy name game,
i would ask them a question that they all answered so i could get to know them...

one was simply:
what would be your all-time favoritist candy in the whole wide world?

ryan (cute little girl): milk duds... and sweettarts
nathan: m&ms. plain.
hunter: me too.
me: you too, what?
hunter: plain m&ms. i like em, but they aren't my favorite.
me: what IS your favorite:
hunter: can you give me a minute?

me: k, kyler, what would your all-time favorite candy in the whole wide world be?
kyler: [dead-pan face] i don't like candy.
me: any candy? like nothing at all? hmm.... what would be your favorite food?
kyler: dunno.
me: so say, its your birthday and mom could make anything... what would it be?
kyler: nothing. i would ask for $20.
me: ok, what would you do with the $20, then?
kyler: invest it...... in microsoft..... that's what i do.

what is wrong with the world?