Friday, February 6, 2009


...about a week ago, on the morning of my interview,

i found a little sumpin on my doorstep...

couldn't believe that someone would go through the effort,
or even be this thoughtful...

i nailed the second interview,
snuck past the extensive background check,

and i am now employed!!!

thanks, to the cute/crazy thoughtful guy for giving me the plastered smile all day
that caused me to breeze right on through...

cross one thing off my to-do list this year.
real salaried job: check.

the list of things that i need to purchase
with new said income begins with:

new glasses/contacts,
laptop (member, mine crashed),
photography class,
guitar lessons,
new profesh attire! woo woo!,
eating out at new fun places,
back to spoiling my nieces,
begin to try and get my dad back
for having to take care of me for so long...
THEN, perhaps a new vehicle,
and THEN a new place of residence....

two tons just kindly flew by...


  1. Congrats on the new job! Where will you be working?

  2. Ok that is awesome to have a job, and who is this un-named crazy cute guy? You don't really have to answer that on the blog you have my e-mail I think, I'm just being nosey!

  3. Well done. Good thing Troy was there to help you out.