Saturday, October 4, 2008

a brief sad tale...

one time, i was coming home from a production with my students. R&J by the Shakespeare Theatre Co. it was good, all male cast. interesting.

the boys on the bus were rhyme battling. like you got served, only with clever words... hilarious.

i get back to school, starving, so i order my mentor and i our usual pizza orders from the nearby ledo's and i head out. within two minutes the sky turns brackish and begins to threaten rain. it wasn't until i had paid for my pizza another 3 minutes later that it began to furiously pour. you might think i am exaggerating or bending that a bit for the sake of the story... lets say that the walk home, whilst talking to my mother on the phone, resulted in me wet down to my skivies.

i changed when i got back to school cause i was teaching yoga (shut up, its a real class!) . dry clothes = yum. ate my pizza. yum.

well, my phone is no longer in functioning order. buttons don't work, can't do anything on it.

on the way home, i stop at the mall to get a new phone and they make me sign a 2-year contract to have a free "upgraded" phone that just came out. in 1980. thanks, but no thanks, chump.

i get to my building, and i can't find my keys. oh, of course, i purposely left them at school to add to this great day! i forgot about that...

so, without keys and a single roommate's number in my phone, i luckily ran into a roommate who let me into the building. i went yesterday to get the phone switched out for anything better and he was going to give me the blackberry for $50 or let me just cancel the thing so i only had a year left on my contract. and no phone.

so i apparently what he heard was the later, cause he took back the phone.
i am phoneless and keyless. awesome.

looking for replacement phones without a plan is retarded. fyi. no- it's special needs.

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  1. Thanks so much for the very PC Special needs part of the post. Sorry for your series of unfortunate events. I might have been part of the demise of the phone. I will try to make it up to you. Can I offer an umbrella?