Friday, October 3, 2008

dear dating,

not sure how i feel about you right now...

you force me to sometimes go do awkward things i am not all that excited about with people that are not all that interested in anything except the people fighting to run this country... as much as i love thrashing palin, just like the next guy, i guess i also want to know what else goes on in your brain... i know. high concept.

you cause me to stress when i am repeatedly snubbed by the men who most likely hate me now because of the date that we went on...where i might have said you were white (in reference to your inability to show me up on the dance floor perhaps... just perhaps...)

you make me think far too much and try to make decisions that i don't want to ever make, which incidentally, i am sure is a sign of my immaturity...

sometimes i hate you because you make me love people and then leave them hanging cause i can't see myself marrying them... and they usually can't be friends... hello? i watch football too, ya know!

you attach my family to another person that i can't keep around which also generally creates a "family breakup" which is almost worst than the initial one...

you do, on the other hand, sometimes provide for conversations that make me feel unique, beautiful, worth it... or just fun ones about music, books, movies, random things...

you help me to see, in pieces, how i might be useful in this world, or at least in someone else's life...

...whatever, dating. i am going to just have a platonic relationship with you for now... and then we will see how i feel about you after a while... but don't get too comfortable, cause i am thinking about nunneries.... and no, that is not a threat or a challenge...

(no, is the answer, reader. i am fine and not in the middle of a crisis or anything,
just thinking... and it might be too personal for you. get over it.)

on a different note,
i have found a new best friend!
brittany, my roommate.
she is like a sister
and we just went and saw a movie
(a week late) for her birthday...
that she really wanted to see
and the other roommates sort of bailed on

The Women. loved it.
there are only women in the movie.
like not a single man...
all the kids are girls, the dogs are girls....
and i will admit that,
while i appreciated the 2 hour break,
it was a little hard to handle
good to know.
can't live with em or without em...


  1. I love your blog. And I am glad you ar not having a crisis. And it's not too personal "whatever anything else is it ought to begin with being personal" that movie!!

  2. you've got mail. don't even try to stump me on my meg ryan. side note: she is quite fun in this one... any you eventually forget how much work she's had done...eventually.

  3. Loretta and RichieOctober 3, 2008 at 2:40 PM

    Dating..... Rich and I remember those days. I think I've mentioned before (you can hold up like three or four fingers right now) that we now call "married without children" our "single" years. Dating seems WAYYYY back now. Call me sometime, we need to catch up. Do you need me to text you my number? Did something happen to your phone? Facebook confuses me. It's a silly website for an intravert.

  4. Watched the trailer of "Women" Looks fun-ny-ish. Do you think it's a "date" movie for me and dad? Wait, I said the word d___. Sorry. Love You!