Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brought to you by comcast

and the letter J.

sorry it has been eternity, but there was a lack of internet for a time and then generic busyness... so

here is the grand tour, first and foremost, the rest will come in bits.

as a side note:
i love this place,
i feel right at home,
and i would be a crazed lunatic to ever leave it....
so with that self-imposed pressure....
sit down kids, cause it'll be a while.

the master bedroom
(hey, we got here first- you would've too!)

closet 1 we decided is just for shoes and jackets...

you thought i was kidding about the boots...

the closet... is ridiculous...

family room and a half

huge dining room for my big family...

now, you might think this is an over-sized kitchen.
and you would be right.

but then you remember that we have 6 girls in here
and you get over it,
cause when we are all here at the same time it is actually quite perfect.

at a friends house less than 24 hours prior,
Donelle: won't it be nice to be in an apartment with matching dishes...
Me: yeah....that will be the ones you register for...

our pre IKEA-ed apt

we are in the penthouse on the top corner.
the only one with a corner balcony like this one...

view from my window (not the creepy movie)
during daylight hours after a heaven-sent rain.
yum. and yes, there are 3 hotels in view.

more details to come...


  1. Oh my. Your place looks so awesome...granted, probably a lot more spacious looking minus the 4 other girls, but still! It looks great! Did the furniture already come in it? What part of DC are you guys in?

    We're so excited for you and can't wait to see more pics!

  2. Very Nice to see you blogging again. That means that "Captain Crazy Pants" has gone away momentarily. Love the place. Love the View. Love that you get to do this experience. Two thumbs way up on all of it!

  3. I'm jealous! I hope you're loving it!

  4. WOW!!! I lOVE lOVE lOVE it! Awesome view. I"m all with ya on getting that master bedroom. It's so worth it! So, I've been telling McKenna what you said about the whole crawling/walking thing. She's a little rebellous right now. But I'm hoping she'll get that out of the way now so she'll be nice during the teen's a hope anyway. Love ya lots! Cam

  5. I'm so FREAKIN' excited for you! What an awesome place to be. Oh so jealous. I'm getting giddy just thinking about how much fun you are having. I need to talk to you girls! Perhaps I will call one of you tonight and we can do the speaker phone thing. Love ya!