Monday, September 8, 2008

Artsy Fartsy

so here i will divulge that to be "artsy" in some places (say in the west...) has been a positive thing...

when you are in the nation's capital though, where everyone and their matching prada dogs work for the government, go to (or just finished) law school/medical school... the girls are all accountants or also could work in the white house or a government agency and/or are doctors or consultants of something... nuts.

so imagine lowly me at a party with these types:

much cooler person: so, what are you doing out here?
me: uh.... student teaching.
increasingly cooler person: ....oh. what grade?
me: high school actually...
only slightly more interested person: what subject?
me: theatre actually.
blank facer: oh. interesting. (blank stare... and walk away)

i get it, people. you don't "do" the artsy types out here. you also don't "do" people with my education level on foreign policy... or any policy for that matter.

so after church yesterday, we were making our rounds, inviting new people to our place for crepe night-- cause that is just what i do when in a new location in my "i am a belmont girl and i know it" penthouse apartment, and a new friend, we'll call him "matt" asked me the same afore mentioned question. the second i said the word "theatre" he transformed to a giddy school girl and told me my "cool points" just shot through the roof! wow. i love this place!

but mostly i get myself into various conversations that leave me with a similar ashy stare because i have no clue what goes on at the white house, or in economics, or anything medical or law... i am interested though, but i know i look like a
moron to them.

alas, come, we shall break crepes together and be friends.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

i will say, in my lack-of-huge-opinion state on politics...

i have sort of a political chick crush on the Palin...
hope that is ok. i have been a sedentary political footstool for some time, trying to find out as much as i can about these guys, and i find i don't love any of them enough to feel seriously passionate about one in particular. if i vote at this point it would be for the one i dislike the least-- which isn't all that positive. i will say, that if anything good comes out of the Mccain campaign, we can largely if not solely attribute it to this one right here:

way to be a sassy all-american woman that we all can smile about for the time being...


  1. Yes Steph, I agree with you, and I do like this chick a ton as well. I'm not going so far as a Chick Crush, but I do like the way she says it. Meg, you don't have to undersell yourself. You are a bright energetic girl who is just turning on the light about politics. Where better to cut your political teeth, than the heart of the Government? So glad you get to be there, this year, this semester and with Gov. Palin in the mix. Keep an eye on that for us here in AZ!

  2. Love the post. I smiled a few times reading this and thinking about you with all the East Coasters wearing black. So about Palin... I totally wore my hair like her yesterday, except I don't have bangs and it was a little tighter on my head. And then, when I realized I only owned one claw clip, I went out and bought a few more at Target. I wish I was kidding. Love ya and talk to you soon!>

  3. When I lived in DC it was weird that I was the only one walking to work NOT in a pantsuit. Thank you, Smithsonian.

  4. being politically savvy is overrated. the area needs more people that don't care about politics