Tuesday, September 9, 2008

first weekend in the penthouse...

first ride on the metro
(well, as a resident)

first pair of sunglasses:

(because my other cool ones got left at home...
and yes, these are already broken... dag.

the picture is actually only because there was no mirror
to streamline my impulsive street shopping...)

first monument we visited, and for that matter,
first time claiming DC as a place I have lived:

the washington:
(that you can see from the gym that is on the roof of my bldg.)

i'm from here:

first time to the "main" smithsonian center.
basically like a castle...

the crew, packed into the van of our
"supervisor/coordinator/whatever they call her"

the first time i have heard of a "chancellor" in the education system.

news flash: so—basically, last year, the mayor took over the DCPS and fired a ton of administrators and school boards and hired this chancellor chick to be the super-intendant (only, she isn't technically qualified to be one, which is why we call her a chancellor. yes, that's right kids, just like on star wars.) i tell you, if this wasn't such an incredibly positive thing for the schools that are getting all sorts of funding and attention, i would think it was crazy. in fact, it still sort of makes me think of
professor umbridge.

first time to the library of congress.
(again, since being a resident.) it felt like the first time because all the names on the wall i now recognize after years of lit studies in college. it is one of the most beautiful structures here and there is a certain reverence that is inspiring.

this is a place i found online over the summer... and yeah- its right by me... apparently it has my yogurt of choice in it.... so i will be making a trip soon.
(i did find one called ice berry down in reston that rivals the red mango....
but still isn't as good. worth the 30 minutes drive any day though!)
and hey- GREEN!!

reader: so, um, how's everything going then?
me: seriously? seriously.


  1. I am extremely jealous, but at the same time I am more extremely happy for you.

  2. Oh you go girl. Looks like everything is going well. Keep up the informative, energetic posts. They totally work, ya know? I echo "casserole boy's" sentiments, jealous, but happy.

  3. I've been to sweetgreen! soooo do you live in Georgetown? How did you guys swing that? Like, being able to afford it without living in the Barlow Center. I'm just full of questions because Robbie and I are 97% sure we're moving there next fall.

    Also, I love the chancellor comment. Very funny.

  4. Yeah for pics! I am so glad you are a good blogger so I can still keep up on your life! I am SO happy things are great for you! Yeah for Meggers!