Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FYE... another story

i apologize to those of you (most of you) with a short attention span... cause you will miss this one...

so... rob, peg, and i are cruising down a very busy 5-or-so lane highway and we seem to be in a hurry. rob is at the helm, peg is in the back for reasons i don't recall, and i am somewhere in the middle holding on for dear life. we are shouting directions at each other and attempting to figure out what is happening around us when rob has the idea that we switch drivers!..... before i could disagree with this, he had rigged the pedals to keep the car in motion at its safe speed of around 80 or so, and he got out of his seat-- abandoning his post.

apparently this van-type vehicle we were in had decent alignment because there was no lane crossing. by the time it had taken me to get to the front of said random-sized vehicle, i notice the changed landscape out the windshield...barren desert...one lane.
in fact, nearly seconds before i gain control, it seemed that we were on a mountainside with a beautiful view.

neither rob nor i noticed the sharp turn ahead of us (being that we were mid-driver-transaction) and as it came up, peg screamed in terror something that sounded like SHCLOOOOOOWWWWWDOOOOOGHGUWI

the front end of the vehicle thing whipped around vehemently and delicately landed on the downward facing portion of the 90º angle. this left rob and i on the floor holding on to our front seats like it was sunday school coloring time. peg sat facing us with a frozen ashy face in the back.

the car lurched forward, threatening our likely plummet to death. it lurched again. rob looked at me all dramatic like as if it were our last exchange, and before i could say a word, peg stood up, changing the weight configuration and causing us to inch another 3 feet toward our untimely demise... she slowly sat back down after a fit of shouts from her children, and then we didn't • move • a muscle. the car teetered on a hinge... like the moment before you rip out your sister's tooth.

the last thing i remember was a SUV-type vehicle drive up to the scene, and some female officer • no • brownie mom • no • park ranger lady show up and get out of the car...

the car began to creep yet further and just before it let go to a speedy downfall, rob and i dramatically shouted "I LOVE YOU!!!" just in case we were about to meet God.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

and then, naturally, i woke up.
not because of the dream necessarily, because i wasn't shaking or anything, but because if i am not in school or working, (like when i actually NEED to get up early) it is expected to wake up at 6:30 sharp with no hope of returning.

SO- what does it mean?
(this one brought to you by mydreamvisions.com)

––Coming to an edge, such as arriving at a cliff or other boundary, might represent:

  • A point of transition, such as within a process or between phases
  • A feeling of being forced to change, adapt, or take action of some kind in your life
  • The idea of limited options
  • An obstacle or challenge
  • A sudden loss of support from others (perhaps giving you the opportunity to "fly" on your own somehow in your life)
  • Feeling pushed to an extreme or limit

––Driving You as a driver can represent the way you're "running your life" right now, or recently (oh good... thanks for that!)

––Being in an accident (car, airplane, train, etc.) can mean:

  • You're afraid of something catastrophic happening that's out of your control
  • You're feeling things are out of control somehow in your life right now
  • You feel or fear bad luck or things not going your way

––Driving down a highway and accidentally running off the highway can mean you need to pay more attention to responsibility for yourself and your life somehow.

––Dreaming that you are falling can represent:

  • A feeling or fear of abandonment, especially feeling abandoned by a "caretaker" such as a partner, employer, or by God
  • A feeling or fear of a loss of security or control, or a sudden lack of foundation in your life, such as a situation where "the rug is pulled out from under you"

hmmm..... again, interesting.
a drought of little to no remembrance of my dreams to a sudden flood of
semi-worrisome sounding ones...

4 days
till i'm an east coaster...
i'm bringing my
cowgirl boots for comfort.
its gonna be awesome.


  1. So glad to hear it was just a dream. I was about to claim Rob as an idiot. Pretty intense Meg! Calm down, things will be fine. Your the Meg, daughter of the Peg.

  2. Loretta and RichieAugust 20, 2008 at 10:51 AM

    Meg, you suck. My heart just dropped to my stomach due to abnormally fast beatings. I don't even care to read the part about what the dream means because I still feel sick (and obviously relieved) from the picture of your accident..... I should have known. Rob would never switch drivers on the freeway. This is one of those "books" where I should have read the end first. My bad.

  3. Loretta and RichieAugust 20, 2008 at 10:55 AM

    I guess I could have read the "another story" warning. Once again, my bad.

  4. So, I'm with the rest of them where I did not realize this was a dream at first! But, in my head I wasn't too surprised it was happening to you. How weird am I that I could totally picture you changing seats while driving? It was the cliff stuff that threw me off:)

  5. Meg!!!! I was getting so upset. "Rob, why are you such a fool!?!?!?" I kept trying to calm myself down but I was getting so worked up. I was thinking I know they were all fine or else she wouldn't be blogging about it...but what if...

    Seriously. I can't wait to hear all about DC! Good luck with the move. Love ya!

  6. "The car teetered on a hinge...like the moment before you rip out your sister's tooth"...wow, lot's of painful memories. love-your passive sister...Hey get some sleep! no more creepy falling dreams...(but if you have to fall, please grow ears like dumbo, save yourself, and then fly back to the land of peaceful nights k?)