Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Meg and Peg sounds like it would be an awesome tv show doesn't it?"

no fabio. it doesn't actually.

but regardless, i like the sound of the two together.

today, my mother is...

this many today.... whoah- slow down, right?

i have to say thanks to a mom that i revere for many reasons:

  • she laughs at me all the time... even after we tease her about stuff...
  • she spills on her shirt at every meal...
  • she does nothing but spend her time trying to figure out how to make other's lives happier
  • she is one incredible cook- and i am still learning...
  • she knows how to throw an event -- anything that involves people and food really...
  • she loves every color as long as it is red...
  • she is funny and my friends love hanging out with her... usually more than me
  • she gets excited about a lot of things which makes life fun
  • she's crafty (and not like the Beasties song...)
  • she is attached to her family, in the emotional sense, and loves to be involved in our lives
  • she is a brilliant seamstress and helps me with all sorts of silly projects...
  • she is so accepting and non-judgmental
  • she is one proud g-ma to 3 irresistible grand-chicks
  • she loves serving and talking about her strong beliefs about the gospel
  • she knows how to cut a rug when she has to... or bust out a song when needed
  • she knows every girls camp song ever written
  • she cries a lot... like things that make her smile... like right now she will laugh out loud to read this... and then cry because it is so true... and i love that...

thanks for everything mom--
i hope you know how important old ladies are in the lives of their kids...
even at 55!

(at Gecko for lunch today... where else would you go on your birthday really?... der.)

{oh- and just to set it straight from the last post.... i am,
and excuse me here, sure as hell not planning a wedding anytime soon!
I would let you know if and when that would be occurring... but i wouldn't hold your breath for a few years.
honestly though- my brain really is that retartedly sporadic as i attempt to sleep... }

speaking of...


  1. Yay for Peg!! Remember when she completely re-did my cheer uniform? yeah. she's a genious. Oh, and I remember at Rich's wedding how the dipping bowls were actually made out of red cabbage. Once again, genious. Happy Birthday Peg!!

    And I am incredibly jealous to see you at Gecko Grill. My day will November maybe?

  2. Loretta and RichieAugust 14, 2008 at 9:13 AM

    Looks like you kids had fun! Wish I could have been at Gecko with you guys. Oh, and I heard you got pedicures too! What a great tribute to Peg on her speed limit year!

  3. Haha... thatnks for the clarification! And SO TRUE about everything you said! Love that Peg.

  4. Thanks Meg! I did laugh out loud and also cried. You are too kind, but I loved it! Heart You!

  5. Good! I am so glad you got pedicures! Peggy wanted one all weekend! This is such a sweet tribute and an adorable picture of you three. I am glad you were all there to celebrate! Happy 55th Peg!

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