Monday, August 25, 2008

Facing West

i'll admit it. cause i am a real woman.
• • •
gunna miss these faces...

and these dear friends...

and hey guys- thanks for helping me play 3D Tetris with Hubs, i still have no idea how we (and by we, i mean you) got all that shiznit into that baby blue...

and thanks marrieds for letting me come play with you even though you are married and have better/more interesting/awesome lives then mine...

oh and thanks so much for making me cry you girl!

i don't miss P-town... but the people there...

Peg and i made the trek...
it was good to be home...

for Rob's B-day... 31 this year! much impressing huh! Hope your birthday sufficiencies were suffoncified here in the hellish hot AZland with dad's naughty homemade ice cream.

met up with some old friends...

THEN • • •
i had to sit Mackenna down and get her to agree to
not walk before Christmas...
she just laughed at me... seriously. right in my face.
what a precocious little bratface. she'll be walking next month. yep- that's eight months. no, but seriously, some tears were shed. ahem.

then i put by big girl panties on, packed up all my baggage... (of which there is plenty...)

kissed my parental units,

and safely landed over 2094 miles from home.

Bring it.

... hopefully i can satiate your need for east coast musings soon... it has been a good time so far. i will get in my own place in the next day or so and then we will really get down to biz. i also might get to NYC this weekend... with some cute new girlfriends just for the helluvit. cause i can, ya know.

Love it.


  1. Yay! You blogged.....very Nice I might add. Our prayers, good *karma, positive vibes etc. all go with you to the East. Plus to quote one very wise Grandpa..."Be A Winner, Do Your Best, Knock 'Em Dead!" Heart, Peg

    *Loved the Bumper Sticker: "My Karma ran over your Dogma."

  2. Loretta and RichieAugust 26, 2008 at 12:16 PM

    We are going to miss you, Meg.... The girls still think you live in Provo:( Thanks for the update. I've been waiting patiently. Can't wait to hear how the teaching goes:) Keep us updated, please.

  3. You did it! Congratulations! I think a weekend trip to NYC is most certainly in order for this special occasion! We'll all be waiting anxiously for your updates! All the best.

  4. youre just as cute as ever!!! im happy to hear youre doing good!

  5. I am basically finished with my intro and background. It's about 50 pages. They say that's the hardest part.

  6. Ah yes. The move. I was actually thinking about that the other day - that being defined as your moving to Washington soon but I couldn't remember when so I should email or or something. Then I was absorbed with the "coming back to Utah" adventure and forgot. For shame! Keep me updated! Teacher updates!

  7. Aah Meggers! you are too cute and I miss you tons! I am finally catching up on people's blogs, wouldn't ya know it's at 2 in the morning. haha, but I MISS YOU! hope all is going well out there!
    how exciting!

    PS. I went to choir practice in my new ward today... D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R

    I will never sing for anyone but you, meggers