Monday, August 11, 2008

China vs. US (the USA)

i am feeling inspired...

i have yet to watch all of the beginning of the ceremony with all of the cool stuff/artsy fartsydancing/flags/countries/asians... but i will get to that-- don't you worry about that.

i came in near this point-- the parade of countries. it was pretty moving to see all of the countries together and on china's turf finally. it wasn't really a surprise to see Yao Ming as China's flag bearer, but it was this kid's story that got me. Lin Hao is the charming 9-year-old orphan that survived the earthquake this year. i had chills as they explained about how this young boy climbed back into the rubble, himself injured, and saved more of his classmates. what got me leaking was that the commentator said: this boy is considered one of China's most influential people. he is in the top few and considered a hero. well of course he is! it says so much of china to value this young boy and to hold him high as an icon of hope for the rest of them. what an honor to give him a place in the parade next to one of the most well-known/revered chinese athletes.

it got me thinking about the U.S. now who do WE call heroes? do we even have any? if there were a story like this here, i wonder if more would even know about it than those already watching the 6 o'clock news. my guess: probably not. so who are the top 3 on America's list of "Heroes"? Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Oprah. i am not going to judge and say that they are not heroes-- because they do a lot of good for people. they have millions of dollars to do so. way to go rich people, for doing good. i still think it says that the western world will never get over ourselves. money matters too much. we at least wouldn't put a 9-year-old life-saving orphan on our list of influentials and that is almost depressing. what is equally depressing: Miley Cyrus is on that list. proof that our country is on its way out... (ok- she's not that bad... but still...)

as far as the rest of the olympics goes
so far, it has been great to watch our chicks dive
our swimmers swim like champs,
it was fun to watch the sand volleyball....

i won't lie, my favorite though is watching all of the asian male gymnasts. china and japan pulled out some amazing stuff early on and look really good... i mean they look good... cough.
honestly though, i can't stop watching them.
and why the hell not?


and then...

The basketball scene... was incredible...
(even though i didn't get to watch much of it...)

and did you watch this?!

cause it was incredible...
like football season incredible...
we all screamed for 5 minutes straight right along with you boys... rad.
definitely the best moment so far...
and of course it made it into this year's "power of the dream" montage for this one
(which is of course put to "Time of My Life" by David Cook-- nice choice)

and for the record, i don't think he's all that attractive...
he definitely needs dental.


  1. I just have to say that when I was watching the opening ceremonies, I definitely got pretty choked up when little Lin Hao came out. And then when they said that he did it "because it was my responsibility. I was a leader. I was the hall monitor" ...I lost it. I just love children and the unadulterated innocence and sense of right and wrong. It was beautiful.

  2. MEGAN! I found you! Oh my goodness- lets catch up!