Thursday, August 7, 2008

8-8-8 I can't tell you more of my appreciation of the invention of TIVO!

i have had a slight giddy temperment growing steadily to tomorrow's eventful day.

8 - 8 - 08 Olympics!!!

i heart the olympics- and especially the summer olympics. i love the swimming and the gymnastics...the diving, water polo...and all of the track-type sports, canoeing, judo, table-tennis...

oh- it is ALL so great.

i will living in a different location for each week- so it will be a different experience everywhere i go: here, i will watch with part of my family- lots of which on a beloved tivo, the following week i will watch it in the hotlands {az = death} - also with family and tivo... and then i will be in DC to most likely make friends who have tivo very quickly...
and i have been researching sports bar-type places that will give me the big-screen-meets-steak-products adventure i am looking for...
(this research is necessary because football season is almost here... and i will admit i am equally if not more excited for the cougs this year... more on that later though...;)


  1. I would be truly honored if you would watch one event at my apartment.

  2. We're already settin' it up for ya! We will see you sooner than you want prolly. Bring it on Olympics! What better way to get Dad to tear up over weightlifting etc. I heart that.

  3. I like reading your blog. Miss you.