Tuesday, August 12, 2008

another bedtime story for you because we are so close

so last night i am laying in bed.
i don't remember much except that all of the sudden i started to hear a lot of noise. i shoot up in my bed in an ultra panic, and i don't remember where i am. it sounds like gun shots and bombs going off everywhere around me so i peek out the window and alas-- there is! (though i couldn't see them...)

i run up the stairs and across the hall, where apparently my sister sleeps. maddi is quite a hard sleeper, but it was so loud out that there should have been no reason for her state of being: sprawled out face down in spread-eagle fashion all over her bed-- dead asleep. i frantically urge her to get up because we are getting attacked or something and that we need to get out like now or the house will collapse on us and kill her dog (note: my sister does not have a dog). she mumbles to go away a few times until i am compelled to go and tamper with her a bit. she then tiredly grumbles, "the queen gave me money... to stay here and watch stuff... so just go..."

"what queen?"
"the quee--or the president... whatever."

i run to find my mom, who is on the other side of this unrecognizable mansion and when i find her i start frantically explaining to her what i heard. maddi joins in the doorway of the bathroom (yeah- i thought she was sleeping too!) as i ramble, i decide, hey- we are close enough for this- i am just going to pee whilst talking to them and they are here with me in the bathroom. so i drop em and sit and i swear pee is going up--not down. i shout something, that i am sure sounded gibberishy, like "i just peed all over myself!"

i wake up. reach down. sure thing: totally wet myself.

dear 8-year-old self:
yes, you will wet the bed at some point in your adulthood...
so just keep taking the nose spray for now...

so then i thought: what could all this mean?

i was having trouble sleeping in the first place because i guess i was thinking about all of the packing that i just did/the mini bawl-fest i had after saying goodbye to my close friends/the men's gymnasts that we had just watched/my inability to teach soon/what i am going to wear tomorrow because literally everything is in the car/i hope i get to see jake and emily before they leave so early in the morning/i hope dc is as excited to see me as i am to see it/what the mothers will wear at my wedding/how i am going to have 12 bridesmen instead of maids/where will i find another large suitcase?/i wonder why my roommates were all MIA tonight so i couldn't say goodbye?/yellow-black-white? vs. green-black-white?/i hope calli got my birthday message so we can do lunch this week/i need to go running/i really should have paid those bills before i bailed and packed the checkbook into the abyss of my car...maybe i can mail it/i wonder what textbooks i will need with me in dc?/what is that pain in my stomach?...


dreammoods.com says:

Urinating: To dream that you are urinating, symbolizes a cleansing and release of negative or repressed emotions. Urination is symbolic of having or lacking basic control in your life. (sounds horribly vague to me too...)

To hear the sound of a loud explosion, but you did not see it, signifies that your troubles will soon be replaced with tranquility after you have overcome some small obstacle.

so... i guess the crazy moving was a small obstacle-
we did have to get the car jump-started twice
by a few of az's finest hicks and drove the last few hours
without air conditioning to save the battery,
but i think we are now "in control of life!"
and that means that i am in arizona... for a bit.


  1. Wow. Bravo. That just brightened up my day. And yellow or green would work, but I see you with green.

  2. Loretta and RichieAugust 13, 2008 at 10:08 AM

    We'll miss you Megs! I'm sorry it was so hard to say goodbye. That reminds me of a song..... and there will be sunshine after the rain! Love you, Lo