Friday, August 1, 2008

Yep- we're THAT family...

how we roll in the family vay-cay dept:

early morning we make breakfast... named after ourselves (egg mcmoffats- hilarious huh...)

those shirts are definitely matching...

then we rode on this ride where you shoot things and get points and they let you email the picture to yourself at the end... i got the most points... cause i look intense.

the new pirates ride is great... lots of cameos from Captain Jack Sparrow that look just like him!

we all canoed on this canoe... cool.

proof that grandpa just needs someone to spoil...

the next day was Cami's birfday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMI -- I sure love you and love having you in our family. Thanks for letting us share your birthday with you!

which means cheesecake and ganosh (made my mac -- so naughty)

that morning we had to head back down to disneyland because of course we left the keys to one of the three vehicles in my purse that went home early... which meant that we had to leave the car there overnight. (we are staying in san diego, so that is a good hour and a half away.)

when we got there rob (who has an annual pass to disneyland) and i decided we just wanted to go to California Adventure for the day... cause we were already there...

so we did...
(this is at the "tough to be a bug" show (3D and so cute)

more pictures on their way... the Disneyland ones and more beach pictures are posted on my photo album. Enjoy


  1. That's a very very very close likeness of Jack. I'm extremely impressed. We miss you here in lonely Utah.

  2. isn't it for the very reason that you ARE THAT family that makes the moffats one of my favorites? i think so.

  3. CUTE pics Meg! You are amazing! Thanks for the fun BIRFDAY party and for the fun Disney/beach time. We miss you already! Definitely come play before the whole move across the country thing. LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!
    Love, Cam

  4. I love your new background. I love your cute family. I love your awesome pictures. I love that I get to see you soon.

  5. Loretta and RichieAugust 5, 2008 at 1:33 PM

    Miss you already!