Friday, May 30, 2008

bragging rights

yeah... this is the school i will be at in the fall...
foto by meg moffat

and hopefully teaching at shortly following.

i am starting to get so
freaking excited
i can hardly stand it.

read here about the famous show that they put on last year....
{The Wiz}
their budget for this thing: $200, 000 dollars!
crazy donations from michael jordan foundation and others....
and many former stars and professional theatre practitioners worked on the project. the staff there sounds incredible!
i have to say, on the one hand,

i could not be more honored to be there
with such a high quality set of students and faculty...
not to mention the great programs at the school.
i mean, if they didn't let me teach theatre right away,
i am sure i could teach media literacy or creative writing....
and honestly—what would be so sad about that?!
on the other hand, it will be a miracle if they hired me....
i don't know what i could even bring to them that they don't already have.
guess i will have to live up the semester that i get to
and then sub for the rest of my life...

(cue charlie brown depressing music...)

foto by josh dalton


  1. Haha. We cue the Charlie Brown depressing music all the time at our house. We are going to laugh at our kids the first time they pout like George Michael.

  2. Girl please! You are going to own the place!

  3. If you wear those hot blue spandex pants to work. They'll hire you for sure. That's totally funky New York style. Yes no.