Monday, May 26, 2008

blame it on the rain...

dear sister,

please forgive me in advance for the exploitation that is about to occur here on this little bliggity blog about your awesome junk in your trunk and how we put it to good use this weekend.

SO. first, my sister let me know about the stash of eighties spandex that she happened upon as my mother was attempting to clean out her hoards of ugly ancient clothes that she keeps tied up as pets in her closet. (she did, however, mention about 4 times within the first hour i was home that she threw away more than 7 denim jumpers! yay peg. we proud.)

so we immediately have a fashion show, sporting our spandex and sports bras and prancing around the house for my parents' amusement.

after said event, i crashed, in my spandex, and awoke with the realization that these golden finds should be used to broadcast the need for exercise.

we dusted off those inspired christmas gifts we got for our parents two years ago that have been used and reused till they are sore... awesome lonely bikes. we filled em up, and went for a ride.

now, understand that it was rainy.
my bike had a splash gaurd on it—maddi's.... did not.

after a few miles of weaving in and out of streets, pretending like we own em, we turned down a familiar road and i happened to see Bro. Anderson! maddi was in front, so i yelled to her and she turned around immediately, afraid that a possible son of said man would see her back side that now looked like she had sweat her crack....bad.

it wasn't tyson after all though, it was MY peopleDevin and Marian—and it was almost just as comical that i might be riding a bike in the rain on my weekend home. we told them of our fear of embarrassing maddi and showed them her wet crack anyways.

we rode on for a while and she told me story after story. it takes a while to catch up with sisters—i don't care how long you've been away from em. when we got home, we were both sore and had an incredible laugh. good times.

this is what she was when the rain was done with her...

did i have a—? no. no— we're good....

and now i am in need of a bike....

perhaps like this one... ya know- for kids!

so if anyone knows where to find one- preferably green or red... or i guess it doesn't matter as long as it functions... let me know- cause craigslist in utah is failing me already!


  1. too?! Haha-That was some seriously good times. No joke! Thanks for the sister play time, I needed nothing more that weekend. I owe you a certain black/white striped dress (even if you claimed the turquoise spandex). Loves tons-Maddi...yes, its in writing :)