Monday, March 10, 2008

I know I know... you are dying to know...

I am green.

For the record, Rascal Flatts are A-freakin-MAZING in concert!

I am sold on the concert thing now. Oh- and I plan on breaking up a marriage or two... Joe Don here I come!

I have never felt more like a 13-year-old: screaming and salivating and bouncing up and down. It was quite the rush. I also kept watchin Kelly Pickler who opened for them (Previous North Carolinian American Idol chick) who wasn't all that bad. She was quite fun to watch actually. I just listened to her and thought, I could do that. Why don't I have her job? How fun would it be to just get to do what you absolutely love the more than anything and get paid for it? In that case, can I have her job, Diablo Cody's, Sutton Foster's... Jennifer Hudson's...

Man, if you write music— call me. That's all I have to say about that. I am ready to do this biz. I just sat there and watched as young Kelly tried to be a pop star. She wanted to look and act just like one, sound just like one. The best part of her show was when she talked in between the songs and you could get a sense of her adorably naive southern girl side and you couldn't help but fall in love with her. I'm not saying she is not talented or a decent performer, all I am saying is I don't want to have to go through Simon to rock to my own beat... and that's all I want to do: rock out. I would love nothing more than to have a stage, awesome lighting, wicked band, and just rock out to great music that tells you who I am. Is that so much to ask? Guess dreams are for rookies. Lucky blond chicks who never worked a day in your life though... here- you can have this life on this silver-lined platter that is just waiting for you in your chariot, I saved it for you.

But anyway- I'm not bitter. The concert was fantastical. The live-ness is key I think. Having them there in person, (the point of the concert I assume) with all of the sounds and lights and fun things they say as they go... I mention lights because that day I set the lights for my show and with the help of a designer friend I hafta say: they are quite awesome. (Maddi I dearly hope you are tracking the use of awesome here.)

I think it was the best first concert to go to. I say this knowing that you are laughing at that. How could I say that with only one under my belt? Well, because. They thanked me for being there, Joe did, and Jay did, and then Gary did... they were all so grateful of the blessing it is to do what they love and they recognized their fans as their dream realized. (ooh.. that sounds cheesy and trite, but I swear it was tasteful.) They are good married guys, who have followed a dream and done what they wanted to do... I respect that... and quite frankly,
envy that.

See... I am green.

Thanks March already for the good times, and the put-you-in-your-placeness that I need to remind me where I go.

Calm down Steph, awesome pictures will come as soon as I get them...


  1. Is there a more appropriate name for a country music singer than "Joe Don"

  2. MEG!! Thanks for going with me! I'm so glad you had fun! RF always puts on an AMAZING show!! And let's be honest, once you see Joe Don, it doesn't even matter what his name is...

  3. Welcome to the wild world of concert attending.

  4. As an individual who has devoted much of his adult (ha!) life to attending concerts, let me just welcome you to a whole new world. This new world is full of poverty, weed, and the aroma of alcohol, but no regrets. Please enjoy.

  5. Loretta and RichieMarch 12, 2008 at 11:32 AM

    Sounds like a blast! Sorry about the Saturday night thing. What a mess. Talk to you soon.

  6. i'm jealous that you got to go. but i'm happy that you had a good time.