Wednesday, March 12, 2008

for when you think you are selfish... just remember that there is someone greedier and greener than you...

i have a problem with something that i would like to discuss immediately:

hmm...if you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on?
i don't know that i know the answer to that- but I do know what Simon Cowell does with it: it may or may not have to do with the ownership of the "most expensive vehicle in the world!"
he says, "I've got lots of nice cars... six.

"It's completely over the top! I absolutely love them. I could have 100 cars and I'd still want more. I love staring at them. I love driving them too.

"I've got two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, a Range Rover, a Jaguar XKR, an Aston Martin DB9 convertible and a very hot Mini Cooper which I drive more than anything else."

his most recent cash waste is £750,000 on a Bugatti Veyron - the world's most expensive and fastest street-legal car.

New car count: 7.

what gets me though: 254 mph.

who in all of earth or hell will need a car that happens to go that fast?

why do we freakin make cars that drive over 80
if we will just get ticketed for anything faster than that?!

I guess we pass cars and that takes a little speed... but 254?

that is like saying that somewhere it is legal to drive 245
and you need to go faster than that to pass them on the highway!

'street-legal'? why is that legal... or necessary?!

that is simply asking for a high-speed testosterone-infused
chase with his skank of the week just to prove he can.

and that can't end well for anyone.


  1. Batman needs a fast car. Or do you want innocent people hurt in Gotham City?

  2. Nobody , even in Gotham City needs a car that fast, but how does that car work in say... Sonic? It would be fine then. It's just a car kids. NBD!