Wednesday, March 5, 2008

wanna hear a secret?

something that i love that is green:

my green ipod.

what am i listening to right now on that little device-o-lerv?

these guys.

why? oh cause maybe I am marking something off of my new year's goal list on Friday!!!

thank you meghan (former awesome roommate) for thinking of me while being a part of the fan club.
honestly, i think i have never been to a concert only because i always felt that i didn't know the group well enough to go and be with those that were... like i would be pretending to be one of the fans, when really i was a "yeah, i guess i kinda like em" fan. well i will admit—i happen to be a HUGE fan!!! i will let you know how this "first" goes.

the countdown is on...


  1. rascal flatts is/are my favorite. you will love the concert. listen to me . . . talking like i've EVER gone to one of their live performances. i haven't. but, i feel certain that IF i had, it would be awesome. i do, however, pretty much have all their songs memorized, even the "bob that head" song on their latest cd that amanda WILL NOT listen to - EVER. she always skips it. the nerve.

  2. Green Hummm? Well... "It's not that easy being green. Having to spend each day the color of the leaves. When I think it would be nicer being red or purple or gold or something more colorful like that." Kermit the Frog - also green as you know. I like that you love green and all it's expressions. Going green huh? How politically correct of you. Wink

  3. Love Rascal flatts! look Fabulous! in green. Love, Cam

  4. RF forever the best. I'm pretty jeal that you have a date w/ them.

    Your ipod makes me happy. It's so green, tiny, it.

  5. Hey Megan! Not sure if you remember me way back from MHS, but I was out blog-stalking and happened upon you. Just wanted to say hi and you look great!