Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Blog,

the show went great, and my wonderful family was so supportive to come. cute cousins were here to play with this weekend too—it was good to relax a bit and spend time with my people whom i love so much.

but now that the show is over, i have much to do.

i will report on this past weekend shortly, but first i have to:

  • write the first 3 pages of my 10-page beast due on thursday,
  • write up reviews of all of the collaborators of my show,
  • write a poetry unit for english on thursday,
  • write a disclosure document,
  • prepare a classroom management handbook,
  • read lengthy things and write up reports on them by wed and thurs, and friday,
  • do my laundry...,
  • pull a prank of some kind,
  • get the much-requested bread pudding recipe,
  • pack to go to DC this weekend!!

and then, blog, will i refill you will all of the joy and useless updates on my happy little existence that you may never want... or need.


  1. Never need or want? ....NOT! I both need and want the various updates and whatnot(especially the whatnot)!
    My review of the show was(sing it) awesome.. no .. awesome on steroids girl. Yup, I'm the mom so therefore my review counts twice. There, I said it. So many of the choices you made in directing were clever, humorous and smart. The essence of the musical was there for sure, even with the cutting it to the nubs, which is the hardest thing to do and you did it great. Plus, tell your cast that they were cast perfectly. Mom said. Now I guess you can get to the "10 things I hate about this week" list, except for #10(wink).

  2. You are awesome! I wish I could have seen your show!!!:(

  3. Hey I need your email so I can add you to my viewing list. My email is so email me when you can!