Tuesday, March 25, 2008

keep it positive...

My brother says that sometimes blogs are a mis-representation of how our lives are because we only dwell on the positive things. i am sometimes a negative person, but it is just hard to be this week!

i guess i am just grateful at the moment— maybe its because of:

green + pink= awesome

sugar cookies/experimenting with baking goods
matching dresses on little girls
the Savior
the atonement
inspiring words
crepes (pink & green)
cute roommates
sam's club
pita chips
wedges of cheese
lil singing asians
singing americans
shows about pee...;)
great friends
the sun

the sun, i have decided, is like a big brother. a big, older brother. like the ones that know you are 7 and ask, "how old are you?" i am 7, "oh, well you have to be 8 to play..." that kind of brother.

after a few months of dark and cold and snowy ickyness that is everything that AZ isn't, the sun decides to pay a visit. usually he only stays a while as a teaser... then it snows a bit more like he's laughing at the little toy carrot he just dangled... and then after his mother makes him because of the official season change, he just stays.

in utah, i am never happier than when that day finally comes. i can distinctly remember the day last year that i felt like i could lay out on the grass in my flowy white skirt and just take in the vitamin D and listen to "Then I did" (Rascal Flatts) on my green ipod. this year i think that day was yesterday. i was listening to something peaceful like "Magic" by Colbie Caillat maybe and feeling the afternoon cook me at an almost unnoticeable rate. i thought about easter and how the sun eventually comes back out and touches everything. happy things.

speaking of happy things:

this thursday is Urinetown. a show i directed... yeah, its kind of a big deal. did i just recast my narrator a week ago? yes. am i stressed? no. are the parentals and brothers coming because they rock? uh, yeah. and rock, it shall.


  1. I'm so excited for your show!

  2. Meg, I need the details of the show! The when and where and such! Kody and I wanna come if we can!!! Let me know...k? K! :)

  3. I am ready to rock, or at least to watch YOU rock and to cheer you on from a safe distance, just in case the cast pees on the audience.

  4. I love all the pink and green posts. I too am looking forward to your show! Get 'R Dun girl! The photo is hilarious. The pink and green photos of your peeps however are beautiful. Happy Tues. to ya!

  5. i'm trying REAL hard to keep it positive. thanks for the advice! i hope your show was the bomb dot com. don't you just love that saying?

  6. Ya, your show is going to be amazing...plus, just so you know...Mac and I were just discussing how HOT you are. You look amazing...enough said. Love, Cam