Tuesday, April 1, 2008


foto by meg

I pulled no prank, but the rest of those I am working on quite diligently...I have no reason to be writing right now... well I guess I do, but not here. As you see, I have pages and pages of things to write and even more tertiary tasks I needn't really worry about but do, and none of them involve this here blog...but seeing as I am just waiting for my sleeping "medication" to kick in appropriately I am just biding time. I did go to my meeting today about my DC student teaching. I am going to be there on August 28th! I can't wait, roommate and I are stoked and ready. When we go this weekend, Josh and I are going to go visit my school and the place that I am going to live... I honestly can't wait- I think it will be so fun! Oh- and good thing I get to go right in the middle of the Cherry Blossom Festival!! Rock it.

Oh- and remember how I thought that it was really spring that one time because it was all sunny and yummy? Well it wasn't. It snowed and was retarded cold this weekend.... for no reason whatsoever. I wanted to yank my eyes out with hangers and make mother nature eat them... but now my friends, now I think it really is spring. Don't go away now, Spring, I am just getting to know you... Lil G (my lil green ipod) and I are just waiting to use you for all you are worth... so don't go anywhere just yet. I am ready for the sweaters to hide in my closet for another 4 months.


  1. I'm jazzed for you to get to D.C. First, this week and the look-see and the Cherry Blossom festival, and that one best "friend". Wow! And Second, In Aug. for reals uh, (*sing it)teaching! You will be amazing.
    Too bad about the snow. It was useless.