Monday, January 7, 2008

"What happens in Vegas..."

...except for when you blog it for all to see, right?"

This weekend, my friend and driving buddy Mitch and I, went home by way of the "entertainment capital of the world":
Sin City. We loved it, naturally. We got to see Rob, shop at some of my favorite stores, gamble a bit, and see Rob's show again (Spamalot).

We decided that the walk in the windy weather down the strip and into some of the most amazingly architectured buildings created was exactly what we needed to get back into life the
right way-- especially when the music from Ocean's 11 is playing across the city so you feel like a movie star. So, Caesar's Palace, decidedly, is the most fun to walk through.

In short, I am now a sinner and happy about it:

Where we got married for the night... it was beautiful.

We hung out with naked men...again... beautiful.

Ooh... Mesa Grill? Does that mean they make food that only we eat? How ethnic!

Wolfgang Puck? I know him! Well, I mean I know his show on Food Network...

Caesar's palace food... mmm.

We ate and then danced on the piano at F.A.O. Shwartz... like on "Big." You would be surprised how incredibly ludicrous it looks to dance "Heart and Soul" on that larger-than-life instrument of glory. Stop imagining it now...

And yes, I bought mismatched socks in a pack of 3. Love it.

When we left, a chick told us how to get out of the building and it included the phrase "and down the circular escalator..." to that, of course Mitch hurried his step and said, "I'm so glad she said that!" Funny how cheap the thrills were.

I have to admit, this is a fun one, but the money's in the video poker.
I made 19 dollars, thank you very much.

I miss my brother who is ill today. I love you and hope you feel better- especially if you are playing ROBIN and I am missing it! Thanks for playing... I will be there soon!

(in the hospital) I hope she comes today!


  1. Sounds like a blast. 19 dollars huh? Some would quit their day job for stakes like that. Wait, you would need a day job. Plus uh...Just checking, but married did you mean "wink", "wink" ...uh yea.."Married" "wink". Thot so. I want to play the FAO Piano. Next trip Fo Sho. Rob's a great host isn't he? Get well wishes his way.

  2. i've always wanted to play heart & soul on the "big" piano. thanks for living that dream for me.

    one time myron went to vegas on business & he brought me back a shirt that says: good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to vegas. i love wearing it.

    happy wednesday!

  3. I once won about $200.00 in a casino on an Indian reservation in San Diego when I was the ripe young age of 18! GO ME! Then I got pulled over a couple days later on my way home in Gila Bend and got a $200.00 speeding ticket! As my witty brother would say, "Satan made you gamble and Heavenly Father put that cop on the road to make you pay for it!" DANG! It was all in good fun though! Congrats on the $19.00 win!

  4. busted, amelia. can you say "possible felony"? that was such a fun early morning road trip to gila bend to watch your knees shake as you stood before the judge! megan . . . you might wanna rethink the whole gambling thing. it's probably one of the seven deadly sins, or something.

  5. Looks like Vegas was a fun stop home. Glad you made it back through all the snow storms! So, Cami just had her baby like a half hour ago and we are waiting for news on hair, weight, length,name, and most importantly, health. I can barely stand it. Woo hoo for Mac & Cami!